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Attention Coaches and Athletic Directors!!
Please read this notice.


To: All Idaho High School Athletic Directors

From: Idaho High School Activities Association

Re: Website Service - Sports Information Section

As a service to all member schools, a Sports Information section has been added to the IHSAA web site, IDHSAA.org.
Using a program designed by IdahoSports.com, member schools as well as the general public can now access individual team schedules, scores, statistical information, and much more, by going to idhsaa.org and clicking on "Member Schools".
This program has the potential to become a valuable resource for your school community, including the coaching staff & athletic department, players & their families, students, school alumni and college programs. Here are just some of the benefits:
  • Your team's statistical data will be quickly and easily accessible - from team scores, schedules, and rosters to individual player stats for both season-to-date, and per game. Printable state percentages will be automatically figured and displayed.
  • Families, friends and alumni world-wide will have instant access to your team's and players' accomplishments.
  • Your team's scores and game stats will be instantly available to all media outlets and college coaches.
  • Although rural states like Idaho are not generally considered "prime" recruiting ground for major colleges, recruiters do look on the internet. IdahoSports.com will notify colleges about this service and encourage them use it in their search for quality athletes.
  • This service will be successful only if schools regularly and consistently report game results and stats. A user name and password will be issued to each athletic director that will allow access to report your school's information.

    Athletic directors must ensure that each coach receives, and uses, this user name and password.

    (Note: If you are currently using a username and password provided by IdahoSports.com, continue using it.)

Complete Form To Receive Your Username and Password

School Name:
Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Position at School:
Contact Phone:

Already have a username and password?
Click here to log in

If, for some reason, you prefer to send us your scores, stats, rosters, and schedules instead of using the admin section you can choose from the options below.

Enter Scores - Click Here Submit Scores To Us
Anyone can send us scores. Fans, parents, athletes, students, anyone. If you can teach your dog to type, have him do it for you.

Individual game scores are essential to keeping our Power Rankings as accurate as possible. If you know we have an incorrect score listed, please let us know
Enter Stats - Submit Stats
IdahoSports.com can keep track of your teams GAME-BY-GAME stats, compiling them into year to date information, automatically. A player can keep track of their progress by seeing how they are doing, game by game. This feature is one that we are most proud of. The technology was designed in-house to allow the athletes and their families to view their accomplishments now only now, but later when they are reflecting on their "glory days".
To ensure that our TOP ATHLETES feature is as accurate as possible we require that stats be sent to us under a few conditions. First, they MUST BE GAME-BY-GAME stats. No year to date stats will be accepted. Second, stats must be sent to us either throught eh coaches admin section or the stats sheets provided by us.

Send Us Rosters/Schedules

We understand that entering rosters takes time. To help you get started using the coaches admin section we will gladly enter in your rosters for you. We are developing online forms for submitting rosters. We have the girl's and boy's basketball forms done now. Others will be developed shortly.
You can send us your team's roster in many different ways.
  • Use the coaches admin section.
  • Send it in an email.
  • Attach it in an email as a Word document
  • Fax it over
  • Fax a game program

This information is copyrighted to the IdahoSports.com. Any rebroadcast, retransmission, or other use of this
information is strictly prohibited without the express, written consent of IdahoSports.com.
Copyright 1997 - 2002 IdahoSports.com